Green Key

Green Key

Green Key


  • An energy management plan is in place for the recording, monitoring and reduction of energy consumption. The electrical equipment we purchase or replace and the energy systems and controls (lighting, air conditioning etc) are energy efficient.
  • Εnergy consumption is regularly recorded and monitored in kilowatt hours (KwH).


  • A water management plan is in place - based on water utility bills - for the recording, monitoring and reduction of water consumption.
  • Water consumption is regularly recorded and monitored in cubic meters.


  • A waste management policy is in place defining how solid waste is reused, recycled and disposed of in compliance with national and international waste regulations.

Food and Beverages

  • We have adopted the “Greek Breakfast” program and all the first raw materials we use come from local farms and shops and organic establishments.

Training & Involvement

  • Our staff is continuously trained so that they are aligned with management’s objectives and
  • Our guests are encouraged to get involved in the hotel’s environmental practices and use more environmental friendly means of transport such as minibuses etc.
  • Our sub-contractors are informed about our energy objectives.


Our hotel has appointed an Environmental Manager. He/she is responsible for the compliance to our Environmental Policy, informs Management about the latest environmental practices, monitors and evaluates the Hotel’s environmental performance and trains the staff.

Green Key certificate Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Palace is a five star hotel in Thessaloniki. Grand Hotel Palace is located at a central point at the entrance of the city and has a total capacity of 260 rooms and suites in modern or classic style distributed on the six floors of the neoclassical building of unique architecture. Grand Hotel Palace is the biggest Conference Hotel in Thessaloniki with 13 elegant and multi-purpose conference halls & meeting rooms.


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