Grand Hotel Palace

Grand Hotel Palace

Grand Hotel Palace


The Grand Hotel Palace is the largest 5-star conference hotel built in Thessaloniki; the city of history and culture, and metropolis and evergreen economic centre of the Balkan region.

The Grand Hotel Palace integrates the special features and creative contrasts that characterize Thessaloniki: the cosmopolitan aura and priceless sensation of serenity, as well as the traditional warm hospitality and aristocratic air create a unique canvas of experience worth living.

The Grand Hotel Palace also combines neoclassical elegance with comfort, timeless luxury with functionality, and finesse with high-quality services.

Right in the heart of the philosophy of the Grand Hotel Palace lies respect for the environment, the local community, and the city’s culture, as well as for our people, employees, partners, and guests. The mission of the Grand Hotel Palace consists in the provision of premium-quality hotel services in the field of conference and leisure tourism, within an environment of high aesthetics and historical symbolism, which is on par to the city of Thessaloniki. Our objective is to meet the visitor’s quality expectations at all levels of accommodation and hospitality.


Grand Hotel Palace



The neoclassical building of the Grand Hotel Palace rises impressively at a central point in the west entrance, just two and a half kilometres from the centre of Thessaloniki.

The stately building with a pi-shaped floor plan, which is unique throughout Greece, and a design that is inspired by the architecture of gorgeous aristocratic neoclassical buildings, with gables and pillars, in addition to the luxurious natural materials, marbles, wrought-iron balusters, and homey furniture, based on the design of antique wood carvings, shiny chandeliers, and elaborate draperies, create an environment of absolute elegance, in harmony with6 functional amenities.

The emblematic building of the hotel comprises of a modern structure that was erected in 2004, and maintains its timeless neoclassical aesthetic value, providing, at the same time, areas that are characterized by the quality and functionality of a modern construction.

In the neoclassical building of the Grand Hotel Palace, every detail has been carefully designed to meet all requirements, in terms of comfort and aesthetics. The hotel is an expression of elegance that reflects a graceful blend of architecture, consisting of 253 rooms and suites in modern or classical style. In order for the hotel to meet the needs of even the most challenging events and conferences, it has 13 multi-purpose rooms available, which are fitted with the latest technological equipment, alternative space arrangement solutions, and a large guarded parking area. Seros Restaurant and the elegant Marco Polo lounge bar offer delightful choices of high quality, as well as The Garden, the new specially designed area in the courtyard,  while the Health Club is available for exercise and wellness.

The Grand Hotel Palace gives another dimension to the concepts of providing hospitality, organizing events, and offering top-quality service: The dimension of a distinctive “well-being” experience!

Grand Hotel Palace is a five star hotel in Thessaloniki. Grand Hotel Palace is located at a central point at the entrance of the city and has a total capacity of 260 rooms and suites in modern or classic style distributed on the six floors of the neoclassical building of unique architecture. Grand Hotel Palace is the biggest Conference Hotel in Thessaloniki with 13 elegant and multi-purpose conference halls & meeting rooms.


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