Explore Greece's most multicultural city

Coffee and shopping in the city center and walk to the promenade.

We start our day with a rich and energizing “Greek Breakfast” in the Grand Hotel Palace and then head downtown to enjoy our coffee at one of the many café in Thessaloniki. For the transition there you can get help from our hotel reception by calling a taxi or you can use the ShuttleBus provided by the hotel.

Ideal areas with many café options are classic places like Aristotelous Square, the old beach along the entire length of ensuring wonderful views of Thermaikos, the area Proxenou Koromila – Mitropoleos – Karolou Ntil and the junction of Pavlos Melas – P. P . Germanou – Zefxidos. The coffee experience in Thessaloniki could turn into a special experience. There are all kinds café, modern, classic, youth, traditional, cultural-artistic, eccentric, etc. which serve excellent coffees, drinks, cocktails, up croissants, sandwiches, salads and snacks.

Then we spend our time in a walk for shopping in the center’s shops.
Thessaloniki is considered an important center not only in Greece but in Balkans, with a large number of shops. Its most central street, Tsimiski Street, has chic shops and multi-storey department stores, on the street Mitropoleos which remains one of the basic streets of the city centre and of course the parallel street to the beachfront, the Proxenou Koromila street where there are many interesting shops for fashionable shopping. All vertical streets of the center as Karolou Ntill, Mitropolitou Iosif and others also have interesting brands for our shopping.

After finishing our tour in Thessaloniki market, we can direct to the city beach part of which begins after the White Tower (new beach) for a refreshing walk. Thessaloniki beach is a busy place as many Thessalonians use it for a breath of sea breeze and relaxation. Here we can observe a synthesis of the interesting population of the city, since Thessalonians of all ages prefer not only to ride but also other activities such as fishing, biking, jogging and more. The total distance of the beach, which has been recently renovated and now offers more amenities and entertainment options, is 4.5 km. From the port to the Concert Hall, but we can, if we want to walk a short distance to the White area Tower.

If the day is sunny, is definitely worth closing our tour enjoying an afternoon coffee or having dinner in one of the restaurants or taverns near the beach where we can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

In any case, the day ends by our return to Grand Hotel Palace where we will relax and live rejuvenation moments in the spacious bathroom of our room, with fragrant toiletries or at the hotel health club with a relaxing spa and sauna, and the choice for a dinner under the care of chefof «Seros Prime Dining» or a drink in the atmospheric surroundings of the «MarcoPolo», the lounge bar of the hotel.

Historical path (Castles – Agios Dimitrios Church – Museums – White Tower)

After the delicious breakfast at the buffet of Grand Hotel Palace and having at our disposal all the services and information that the reception staff provides you about your transportation, you can begin to visit the Byzantine castles of Thessaloniki located in the picturesque Upper Town.

Our walk is worth combined with a general tour to some of the most important monuments of Byzantine and Christian tradition of the city.

The walls of the Upper Town are of great interest from a historical, architectural and artistic point of view. Today only 3 km walls and 60 towers approximately square cross-section (outside the Triangle tower is circular) are saved which deserves to admire up close. Our visit to the area can be enriched with more general walkthrough the picturesque Upper Town with its cobbled streets, alleys, small squares and Macedonian folk architecture buildings. We can make a visit to the Monastery Vlatadon, founded in the 14th century in the place where St. Paul has preached.

In the Upper City you can dine at one of the local taverns.

Leaving the castles we move towards the Church of St. Dimitrios to visit the place where martyred the saint of the city of Thessaloniki in 303 AD. Here, are the catacombs of early Christian times.

On our way, we can include a visit to the Museum of Byzantine Culture where we will admire exhibits from the Byzantine era and the early Christian period, sculptures, mosaics, paintings, coins, manuscripts, icons and more. Very near is the archaeological museum of Thessaloniki where are exhibits from excavations in Thessaloniki and brilliant discoveries of the Macedonian royal tombs of Vergina.

Our daily tour to some of the most important monuments of the city ends with our visit to the famous symbol of the city, the White Tower, where a permanent exhibition operates on the history of Thessaloniki, every day of the week from 8 am to 8 pm. We can go up the floors of the tower from the circular staircase, admiring the exhibits to arrive on the 6th and top floor from where we can enjoy the unique view of the beach and town.

As our journey ends here, on the beach in Thessaloniki, we can close our tour with an afternoon coffee or dine in one of the taverns in the popular area “Ladadika”, opposite the town harbor.

Our return at Grand Hotel Palace holds for us moments of rejuvenation and relaxation, the aesthetic ambience of the hotel, comparable to the city’s historicity.

Tour off the center of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is not only the center of the city, encompassing the history and charm of the nymph of Thermaikos.
Cool sites and interesting places we find and outside the center. Starting the off center tour, after a delicious Greek breakfast at the Grand Hotel Palace, you can visit the east, on the edge of Kalamaria, the street area Themistocli Sofouli until Aretsou where there are some of the most famous and large café of the city that offer except coffee, finger food or regular meal and nice sea view over the city.

The eastern route can go to Nea Krini where are the beach and the marina of Kalamaria and some of the most famous fish restaurants in the city, to reach even further east in the area of the airport where are the Known malls and large stores where we can do our shopping, see movies or just wander around.

In the area is a large amusement park and if we accompany young children, they will definitely enjoy and appreciate our visit.

Very close, in the same area, is Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum «NOESIS», the Planetarium.

In the big shopping center in the region, are available to us apart from many options for shopping and several options, modern or classical, for dinner or a drink.

After finishing our tour, we can return to the city center by choosing some music or theater performance, or the Grand Hotel Palace, where we will relax and have nice evening moments in the Seros Prime Dining restaurant and lounge bar Marco Polo hotel.