Local Cuisine

The famous Mediterranean cuisine

Local Cuisine

Thessaloniki, the eternal crossroads of East and West, is famous for its tradition of good food and special dishes. The historic city of multiculturalism has left its footprints in the kitchen, creating the famous “Thessaloniki” variety of flavors.

Key pillars are the classical local Mediterranean cuisine and the taste habits of the people who lived for centuries in the city and on from the other side the oriental cooking which came and was consolidated with the refugees who arrived from the depths of the East, Minor Asia and Istanbul, spice and sweet.

The patsas, imported gift from Constantinopolitan cuisine is the most famous example. Like Constantinople sweets. The creams and syrupy of each species worth trying, such as kazan dipi (thessaloniki cream broule), the churros, baklava, Seker pare (or “navel of chanoumisas”), halva, the saragli, the ekmek kantaifi or samali (sweet made from semolina and almonds).

Sweets, moreover, have a large share in the gastronomic palette of the city. We definitely enjoy and the famous trigona of Panorama, the famous pastries of the city and Thessaloniki pies with sweet cream served with powdered sugar and cinnamon. In Thessaloniki, of course, we can try pie of all kinds, the famous pies with cheese, pies with minced meat and of course many types of pies. Cheese pies with various dough, baking and cheese, spinach, sausage pie, milk pie, pie, pumpkin, onion, tempt is to taste them.

In the restaurants, taverns and ouzeri characteristic are the special flavors and variety of dishes from roast and delicacies like skewer, kebabs, meatballs from Smyrna, tzigerosarma, pastrami, gardoumpes, smoked pork, stuffed spleens and a great variety of delicious snacks and appetizers that leave no one unmoved.

Thessaloniki as a coastal city, is ideal for tasting the seafood. From fried prawns and sardines grilled until mussel rice, fruits of the sea and stuffed squid and cod in the famous port city.

Finally, it is worth to try the famous Koulouri (Bagel) of Thessaloniki which can end tastefully a night clubbing or start a nourishing new day.

There are many places to enjoy the city’s flavors such as Ladadika, Modiano Square, Athonos square, Kapani, in Ano Poli, Aretsou and Nea Krini and near the coasts of Thermaikos.

Select one and bon appetite!