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Enjoy a magnificent gastronomical trip across the globe at the award-winning “Seros Prime Dining” restaurant.

The restaurant’s creators looked for the best ingredients from all over the world, and with inspiration from the famous executive Chef, Vasilis Tsontzos, created unique suggestions for “signature plates & cocktails” of premium quality, which exceed by far the currently applicable taste standards.


Don’t miss the famous Rib-Eye Wagyu dish from authentic Wagyu Kobe Japanese beef.

It has been bred in traditional Japanese farms since 1200, with attention and care, so that the animal is not stressed and grows smoothly, and its breeding includes even massaging, in order to prevent any cramps. The animal listens to classical music and drinks beer, in order to achieve the desired effect of deep strips that is contained in its meat, along with the high rate of unsaturated fats that they contain.

This breed of cattle is thought of as giving some of the best meats worldwide.

The gastronomical journey continues with Black Angus direct from special farms of the USA, raised without any antibiotics or hormones.
For the lovers of Bisteca Fiorentina, there is the choice of authentic Chianina of Tuscany, which is served on a Himalayan salt plate.

For the Greek meat lovers, there is the unique veal steak from the “Greek blond” breed that is bred in the mountains of Halkidiki.

In terms of the desserts offered by the “Seros Prime Dining”, it is worth tasting the Yuzu mandarin creme sphere from Japan, sauce anglaise with bitter almonds and grated mastic biscuit.

The surprises continue with an excellent bartending service, and a choice of refreshing signature cocktails in a highly-stylish area, while you listen to music selected by some of Thessaloniki’s most famous DJs.


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