Greek Breakfast

The “Greek Breakfast” is an inspirational feast of colours and flavours fromthe Greek land.
The Grand Hotel Palace highlights the gastronomical treasures of Greece by offering top-quality products right from the heart of the Mediterranean diet.
The breakfast opens with delicious savoury creations: crispy cheese pie with 3 PDO goat cheeses, traditional bagel with roast sesame, buttery cheese from the region of Sohos, sour frumenty with PDO feta cheese and fresh butter, Mount Athos type bread, mammoth-type olives from Halkidiki, country sausages, pork ham with herbs from MountHolomontas, fresh Greek salad, and scrambled eggs with vegetables.
The tempting suggestions continue with local delicacies from Thessaloniki, such as fluffy focaccia with cream made of tasty full-fat milk and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon, fragrant brioche made with fresh eggs and stuffed with chestnuts from Mount Chortiatis, and Panorama’s pastry triangles with chewy cream. On top of them, there is galore of other delicacies that are identified with the city of Thessaloniki, and which hold an honorable place on the table:
Semolina pudding with raisins and PDO figs from the region of Taxiarchis, fluffy raisin bread, crispy buns covered with powdered sugar with almonds, thick pine and flower honey, freshly-ground sesame paste, white and wholegrain bread, homemade jams and spoon sweets.

Pairthem with suggestions of unique beverages like kefir, refreshing pomegranate juice, seasonal fruit juice from local producers, and Greek coffee traditionally roasted