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Infant & Toddler Swimming

The standard infant and toddler swimming program “Pirates of the pool,” which is aimed at children from 6 months to 4 years, contributes, through the involvement of parents in pool games with their children, in their proper development, relaxation and strengthens their self-confidence. The Grand Hotel Palace, where are offered high quality services,with spacious rooms, emphasis on cleanliness, responsible staff, free parking and playground, contribute in many ways to the success of this effort. The staff of the program is well trained and specialized in infant and toddler swimming, with a Physical Education degree, first aid and lifeguard degree and the project leader has been trained in the Australian education institution AUSTSWIM on bathing issues for children and safety in the water. The infant and toddler swimming contribute to locomotor, muscle and neuropsychiatric development of infants and young children, gives them a stronger heart and lungs, strength and endurance, and improves coordination and agility. Swimming, at the same time strengthens the immune system, reduces sick frequency, gains confidence and sociability and regular time sleeping and eating.

Among the most important benefits of the program is the strengthening of the bond between the child and the mother or father. A bond that creates cheerful, laughing and humouredly children.

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